Meeting started by _marx_ at 17:59
18:02:32 Topic: Advocacy reports
18:11:25 Topic: projects
18:13:06 ACTION _marx_ add ubucon at self to agenda akgraner
18:20:24 ACTION _marx_ akgraner so I'll get all the info and get it to the list then on MN team effort to get old machines to National Guard families
18:26:45 IDEA _marx_ mailing list thread on developing a demo for rural area show
18:31:27 ACTION _marx_ BugeyeD start action on rural tour with mailing list post
18:33:16 Topic: Team Approval
18:45:10 Topic: Governance and Leadership
18:48:21 IDEA _marx_ BugeyeD helps w/wiki
18:48:38 IDEA _marx_ internalkernel helps w/wiki
18:54:29 LINK internalkernel
19:09:11 ACTION _marx_ internalkernel continue governance discussion on team mailing list
19:10:32 ACTION _marx_ alinuxfan forum post on governance
19:12:05 Topic: next meeting chair and new business
19:18:00 LINK akgraner
Meeting ended at 19:30.

People Present:
  1. _marx_
  2. BugeyeD
  3. internalkernel
  4. olympus
  5. alinuxfan
  6. JFo
  7. akgraner
  8. celem_