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[10:02:10] * jdstrand waves
[10:02:16] <pitti> hey wendar
[10:02:20] <wendar> [Topic] Oneiric Release Meeting overview - wendar
[10:02:25] <wendar> pitti: hey
[10:02:37] <wendar> skaet is on holiday this week, I'll be substituting.
[10:02:49] <wendar> Agenda is at:
[10:02:49] <wendar> [LINK]
[10:02:49] <wendar> No changes requested, so we're following the regular agenda order in the agenda wiki page and meeting invite.
[10:03:08] <wendar> .
[10:03:08] <wendar> Events Approaching:
[10:03:08] <wendar> - Debian Import Freeze: June 30, 2011
[10:03:08] <wendar> - 10.04.3 Freeze: June 30, 2011
[10:03:08] <wendar> - Oneiric Alpha 2: July 7, 2011
[10:03:29] <wendar> Bugs targetted for this release can be found:
[10:03:29] <wendar> [LINK]
[10:03:29] <wendar> Bugs milestoned for oneiric alpha 2 are at:
[10:03:29] <wendar> [LINK]
[10:03:31] <wendar> .
[10:03:49] <wendar> Reminder: please use ".." on separate line when you've finished
[10:03:50] <wendar> typing. If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/",
[10:03:50] <wendar> so we know to wait.
[10:03:50] <wendar> questions?
[10:03:50] <wendar> ..
[10:04:44] <wendar> If not, then let's go on to the round table
[10:04:54] <wendar> [Topic] QA team update - pgraner or jibel
[10:06:16] <wendar> possibly traveling to the rally?
[10:06:23] <wendar> [Topic] Hardware Certification team update - brendand
[10:06:48] <ara> wendar, mlegris present for the hwcert team
[10:06:54] <mlegris> :)
[10:07:01] <mlegris> This week is our first weekly testing with Oneiric. Due to how the image is now being built we had to update our extraction tools for PXE boot and update to allow 11.10 submissions.
[10:07:14] <mlegris> [LINK]
[10:07:25] <mlegris> Some issues:
[10:07:34] <mlegris> * Alternate and server images are missing at least one file that we need (pxelinux.0)
[10:07:34] <mlegris> * Oneiric tests will need updating
[10:07:34] <mlegris> * Bug# 708286 seems to be now fixed in Oneiric. We will keep the Natty task opened until we retested it with the new kernel
[10:07:52] <cjwatson> mlegris: pxelinux.0> should be fixed in the next round of images
[10:08:04] <mlegris> cjwatson: awesome, ty
[10:08:13] <mlegris> ..
[10:08:46] <wendar> excellent
[10:08:55] <wendar> [Topic] Security team update - jdstrand
[10:09:22] <jdstrand> hi
[10:09:26] <jdstrand> [LINK]
[10:09:27] <jdstrand> [LINK]
[10:09:39] <jdstrand> We are currently still under the trend line for our blueprints but our team is mostly concentrating on updates atm, and getting to work items as we can fit them in. We are looking forward to putting time in on work items next week at the rally.
[10:09:53] <jdstrand> We did manage to fix quite a few small bugs this week and I filed bug #801569 today, which was discovered when the server team tried to do the latest libvirt merge. I've identified the problem, wrote a patch and am in the process of getting it upstreamed. I will be uploading the merge with this fix today.
[10:09:55] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 801569 in libvirt (Ubuntu Oneiric) "apparmor security driver broken in 0.9.2" [Critical,In progress]
[10:10:13] <jdstrand> Looking at the (very long) list of oneiric bugs, I don't see anything else worth highlighting.
[10:10:22] <jdstrand> ..
[10:10:50] <wendar> [Topic] Kernel team update - ogasawara
[10:10:56] <ogasawara> Overall status is reported at the first link below. Burn down for the release milestone is at the second link below. Burndown for the cycle is at the third link:
[10:10:57] <ogasawara> [LINK]
[10:10:57] <ogasawara> [LINK]
[10:10:57] <ogasawara> [LINK]
[10:11:04] <ogasawara> We're still making slow progress on our Alpha-2 work items as they are not release critical and keep getting pushed to the bottom of the stack. Most will shift to Alpha-3. We plan to upload another kernel today. This kernel will have been rebased on the most recent v3.0-rc4 upstream kernel.
[10:11:18] <ogasawara> Of the bugs called out in the agenda, status is as follows:
[10:11:26] <ogasawara> #754711 investigation continues, still no feedback from upstream.
[10:11:26] <ogasawara> #542660 seems that the issue is triggered by bugs in the EFI boot. Some fixes may be in 3.0 needs testing.
[10:11:26] <ogasawara> #760131 testing looks good with newer 3.0 kernels. Fixes expected via stable for 2.6.38.
[10:11:33] <ogasawara> Questions?
[10:11:35] <ogasawara> ..
[10:12:37] <cjwatson> yeah, word from mjg59 is that EFI booting should generally be happier in 3.0; in particular I think it fixes a bug that was fatal on my test machine so I hope to be able to do more EFI work from here on it
[10:12:41] <cjwatson> *on in
[10:13:11] <ogasawara> cool
[10:13:26] <cjwatson> (though that's a different problem from the one in that bug)
[10:14:14] <wendar> [Topic] Foundations team update - cjwatson
[10:14:33] <cjwatson>
[10:14:36] <cjwatson> Generally hovering around or slightly over the trend line. There's a good chunk of stuff in progress so I'm happy with this.
[10:14:39] <cjwatson> Feature progress this week:
[10:14:39] <cjwatson> * Upstart 1.3 landed in Oneiric. Improved shutdown handling (foundations-o-upstart-for-admins) should come soon.
[10:14:43] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-wubi: Looking into Windows toolkit options for future Wubi work. wubildr.mbr no longer gets upset by ext3/ext4 filesystems with inode sizes other than 128 (i.e. most modern ones), and the GRUB menu for Wubi installations no longer lists Windows and so can often be hidden.
[10:14:48] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-ubiquity: Started implementing new wireless network page. Working on test harness with Cheese's GI bindings.
[10:14:55] <cjwatson> * dh_python2 porting jam held yesterday. I count 13 people (modulo counting errors) who showed up and were working on porting packages. I don't have stats on how much work was done yet, but it felt pretty useful; we're six packages away from being able to kick python-central off the desktop CD (most of which have patches now), and 38 away from kicking it out of main.
[10:15:00] <cjwatson> * Serious dent made in initramfs-tools bug reports by analysing bugs due to lack of free space in /boot (
[10:15:04] <cjwatson> * desktop-o-cdspace: .pyc files now removed from squashfs and regenerated on installation, saving over 12MB.
[10:15:08] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-multiarch-next-steps: Continuing to flush changes to Debian; ~65 library packages to go.
[10:15:11] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-application-sandboxing: Started implementing some extra aufs options in Arkose; proof of concept for firewalling in containers.
[10:15:14] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-ipv6-healthcheck: Fixed dhclient.conf to work properly with IPv6. NetworkManager testing with cyphermox; hopefully we'll have IPv6 by default there soon.
[10:15:17] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-corporate-mirs: Updated sssd to new upstream version 1.5.8.
[10:15:20] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-update-manager-btrfs: Included apt-btrfs-snapshot in the upgrader. Profiling work with apt/dpkg on btrfs.
[10:15:24] <cjwatson> * foundations-o-ratings-and-reviews-in-software-center: Switched from restfulclient to piston-mini-client to match ISD.
[10:15:25] <cjwatson> Bugs:
[10:15:29] <cjwatson> * Bug 597673: I looked at this earlier today and it's about four times as hard as I'd expected. Will hopefully attack it at the rally.
[10:15:31] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 597673 in console-cyrillic (Ubuntu Oneiric) "console-cyrillic changes settings on consoles it doesn't own, causing crashes with plymouth + X" [Critical,Triaged]
[10:15:32] <cjwatson> * Bug 644198: moved to beta 1 per Evan.
[10:15:33] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 644198 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Ubuntu LIve Cd does not enable bluetooth before choice menu in live-cd" [High,Confirmed]
[10:15:34] <cjwatson> * Bug 791883: Colin is working on this, but slowed by a network made of cheese. Should be able to deal with it by EOD today.
[10:15:35] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 791883 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) " gets error 141 (crashes) in Kubuntu" [High,Confirmed]
[10:15:36] <cjwatson> * Bug 797556: forwarded to internal RT - not projected to happen until after alpha 2, though, so moved to alpha 3. (Still not a Foundations bug but apparently it's stuck to our list.)
[10:15:37] <ubottu> Error: Launchpad bug 797556 could not be found
[10:15:40] <cjwatson> ..
[10:15:42] * pitti applauds cjwatson for the .pyc fix
[10:16:10] <cjwatson> oh, one more thing, not strictly foundations but while I'm here
[10:16:35] <cjwatson> Lubuntu's very close to being enabled; we haven't got the new disks provisioned yet, but some other changes mean we have enough space to get started for the moment
[10:16:52] * wendar seconds the applause
[10:16:56] <cjwatson> at this point I'm just waiting for a Launchpad fix to be deployed to the archive master system, and then we should be good to go
[10:17:15] <ogra> note that armel might eat up more space too very soon
[10:17:23] <cjwatson> should be no problem having daily builds of that going by alpha-2
[10:17:31] <ogra> (server and community images ahead)
[10:17:34] <Daviey> cjwatson: Is there expected to be enough space on cdimage to evetually move the cloud images over to there from uec-images? Or should they remain?
[10:17:45] <cjwatson> Daviey: not right now, but that should eventually be possible
[10:17:52] <Daviey> cjwatson: Ok, thanks
[10:18:00] <cjwatson> ogra: ack
[10:18:21] <wendar> any more questions for cjwatson?
[10:18:50] <wendar> [Topic] Server team update - Daviey
[10:19:07] <Daviey> o/
[10:19:14] <Daviey> Hi All
[10:19:14] <Daviey> Overview Status:
[10:19:15] <Daviey>
[10:19:17] <Daviey> (Still need to reset the trend line)
[10:19:20] <Daviey> Incoming bug count is still really low for Oneiric. Majority of bugs are those found by developers at the moment (as is usual for this stage in the cycle). More help with testing would be helpful.
[10:19:24] <Daviey> In regards to merges and sync's, we are looking pretty good with the packages we track for delta to Debian.
[10:19:27] <Daviey> However, according the WI tracker, we are appearing to be a little beind on feature development. Many things are underway to allow WI's to progress. Generally, it's not a massive concern, this is expected to be largely solved next week during the Rally.
[10:19:31] <Daviey> We have quite alot of MIR's we'd like to achieve before Alpha 3. They are currently being tracked using the tag 'server-o-mir'. The list is going to grow. :(
[10:19:34] <Daviey>
[10:19:37] <Daviey> Importiant Bugs:
[10:19:39] <Daviey> 791454 - Oneiric Alpha1 Server x86 and x86_64 RAID1 Test Failed: Device need to be readded manually
[10:19:42] <Daviey> -- Will be addressed next week.
[10:19:44] <Daviey> 801494 - Multi part LVM layout: system fails to boot due to missing volumes
[10:19:47] <Daviey> -- Reported today, not investigated - expected to delve into next week.
[10:19:50] <Daviey> 801569 - libvirt apparmor security driver broken in 0.9.2
[10:19:53] <Daviey> -- jdstrand is investigating.
[10:19:55] <Daviey> ..
[10:20:03] * jdstrand fixed it :)
[10:20:11] <Daviey> (one more thing, if anyone has identified a bug that isn't being tracked, please let me know)
[10:20:22] <Daviey> jdstrand == rockstar
[10:20:26] <jdstrand> pfft
[10:20:40] <jdstrand> but thanks :)
[10:21:43] <wendar> [Topic] ARM team update - ogra
[10:21:51] <ogra> wohoo, thats me !
[10:22:05] <ogra> Full Status is at:
[10:22:05] <ogra>
[10:22:06] <ogra> --
[10:22:06] <ogra> Summary:
[10:22:06] <ogra> * Remote booting of pandas via relay for the PPA build cluster is implemented.
[10:22:06] <ogra> * telepathy-glib, the always re-occuring ftbfs package was finally fixed with an upstream patch (thanks infinity !) this makes image building work again for preinstalled desktop
[10:22:09] <ogra> * u-boot with PXE boot support landed in the archive and is being inspected atm and next week.
[10:22:11] <ogra> * desktop seeds were fixed to not ship *all* langpacks on armel images, that should get us back to normally sized images soon
[10:22:14] <ogra> * USB support of the OMAP kernels was fixed.
[10:22:18] <ogra> * Work on fixing the kernel/bootloader postinst handling is going on and will extend into next week.
[10:22:21] <ogra> --
[10:22:23] <ogra> Image Status:
[10:22:25] <ogra> * Desktop images are finally building again
[10:22:27] <ogra> * Headless/serial images build fine.
[10:22:29] <ogra> --
[10:22:31] <ogra> Specs:
[10:22:33] <ogra> Entire
[10:22:35] <ogra> A2
[10:22:37] <ogra> --
[10:22:40] <ogra> Bugs:
[10:22:42] <ogra> * as noted above "791552 [oneiric] USB support broken on omap" was fixed
[10:22:44] <ogra> ..
[10:23:01] <ogra> oh, and i heard that panda A3 boards have been proven to boot with our natty images :)
[10:23:02] <ogra> ..
[10:24:09] <rsalveti> ogra: maybe you want to track bug 789198
[10:24:11] <wendar> yes, I did a natty install on my new A3 yesterday :)
[10:24:11] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 789198 in Linaro-Ubuntu "Firefox crashes when attempting to play webm video on ARM with Thumb2 enabled" [Medium,In progress]
[10:24:32] <ogra> rsalveti, oh, thanks, yeah
[10:24:57] <ogra> wendar, yes, thats what i'm referring to :) you were the highlight in our team call yesterday ;)
[10:25:42] <wendar> twas quite satisfying to see it work first try with no changes needed on a new rev of the hardware
[10:25:48] <ogra> :)
[10:26:02] <wendar> my compliments to the chefs :)
[10:26:08] <ogra> heh, thanks :)
[10:26:13] <ogra> and thanks for the feedback
[10:26:22] <wendar> other questions/comments for ogra?
[10:26:47] <wendar> [Topic] Linaro update - fabo
[10:29:03] <wendar> [Topic] Ubuntu One Team - Chipaca
[10:30:50] <wendar> [Topic] Desktop Team update - pitti
[10:30:56] <pitti> hi
[10:31:00] <pitti> We landed some more bits of the GNOME 3.1.x development versions, going well so far.
[10:31:03] <pitti> We also got the indicator stack and unity ports for GTK3 mostly ready and in oneiric, remaining bits will land next week.
[10:31:08] <pitti> Default umask for users with private user groups is now 0002. (UbuntuSpec:umask-to-0002).
[10:31:12] <pitti> Made a big push on alpha-2 work items, and got enough of them done to get us (almost) back to the trend line:
[10:31:14] <pitti> [LINK]
[10:31:17] <pitti> Jason and I also discussed blueprints which we can postpone/drop, so we should have enough fodder for future adjustments.
[10:31:22] <pitti> This week the LLVM gallium drivers and deja-dup landed, adding another 7 MB. Except for Thunderbird, we now have everything "big and new" on the CD that was planned for oneiric, so we are now looking at an upper bound of CD size.
[10:31:31] <pitti> CD space situation: Colin landed the .pyc reduction (12 MB) and with some other small cleanup we are down to 6 MB(i386)/ 4 (amd64) oversizedness. There will be some more reduction in the next time due to obsolete library cleanup (Mono mostly), and dropping python 2.6 will buy us another couple of MB, so together with the projected 703 MB images the pain level is now pretty low again; Thunderbird
[10:31:33] <pitti> size reduction/evaluation is still going on, though.
[10:31:46] <pitti> Slow progress on RC bugs, as we are concentrating on updating the platform and getting work items done in this period, and there are no real showstopper bugs right now. Details:
[10:31:51] <pitti> [LINK]
[10:31:54] <pitti> ..
[10:32:15] <joshuahoover> wendar: i'm giving the u1 update...sorry...want me to go?
[10:32:40] <wendar> joshuahoover: yes, go ahead
[10:32:57] <joshuahoover> [LINK]
[10:33:03] <joshuahoover> we're putting out new releases for u1-client and ubuntu-sso-client today to fix some high/critical bugs that prevent u1 from connecting/working properly in oneiric
[10:33:11] <joshuahoover> milestones with bugs being fixed in the releases are:
[10:33:11] <joshuahoover>
[10:33:22] <joshuahoover>
[10:33:28] <joshuahoover>
[10:33:34] <joshuahoover> defining how we update the client going forward is still on-going...Chipaca is working on it & we should have something more concrete to show sometime next week
[10:33:42] <joshuahoover> --
[10:34:12] <cjwatson> joshuahoover: could you move ubuntuone-client over from python-support to dh_python2 while you're at it?
[10:34:39] <cjwatson>
[10:34:40] <joshuahoover> cjwatson: i'll pass that on to dobey :)
[10:34:46] <cjwatson> ta
[10:36:07] <cjwatson> oh, and ubuntuone-control-panel and ubuntuone-storage-protocol too (may need to be at the same time depending on how you're using namespaces)
[10:36:29] <wendar> sounds good, looking forward to Chipaca's work on client updates
[10:36:45] <wendar> [Topic] Desktop Experience Team Update - dbarth
[10:36:50] <dbarth> hi
[10:37:23] <wendar> hi
[10:38:46] <dbarth> oops, back; thanks freenode
[10:38:55] <dbarth> still me on?
[10:39:04] <ScottK> Yes
[10:39:08] <dbarth> ok
[10:39:12] <dbarth> so was saying report at
[10:39:30] <dbarth> the main news distro wise is unity 4.0
[10:39:47] <dbarth> the branch finally made it into oneiric, fixing numerous last minute integration issues
[10:39:59] <dbarth> now we know it works for real, including the shared lib
[10:40:18] <dbarth> a batch of indicators stack uploads as well
[10:40:24] <dbarth> to prepare for the gtk3 switch next week
[10:40:40] <dbarth> the base for the new theme in GTK3
[10:40:55] <dbarth> also in oneiric (for testing only, there are still a lot of rough edges)
[10:41:33] <dbarth> that's mostly it; the week was mostly spend planning for our new iteration, diving into the design of new modules we're developing
[10:41:38] <dbarth> and preparing some new branches
[10:41:41] <dbarth> ..
[10:42:00] <dbarth> ah, one important note though:
[10:42:01] <dbarth> Natty SRU fixes: none this week, the next one is planned in 2 weeks (after Dublin) and should be the last batch for this cycle
[10:42:17] <dbarth> as discussed at uds, we'll stop with srus around mid-cycle
[10:42:27] <dbarth> .. for real now
[10:42:30] <dbarth> ;)
[10:43:36] <wendar> excellent, smooth scheduling
[10:43:58] <wendar> [Topic] Kubuntu Team update - ScottK
[10:44:04] <ScottK> Hello.
[10:44:17] <ScottK> Currently working on packaging KDE 4.7 RC1 - Missed Beta 1 and Beta 2 due to changes in upstream tarball arrangement (KDE moved from SVN to Git and did a lot of project decomposition in the process). Working on redoing the packaging, but it's slow. I still expect to be on KDE 4.7 something by Alpha 2.
[10:44:17] <wendar> hi :)
[10:45:16] <ScottK> Lots of good work in the Qt world this week. Wacom tablet regressions due to touch changes were fixed (by cnd) in oneiric and an updated SRU for natty is pending. Got the Qt accessibility patches from 4.8 backported. The initial upload for Qt changes to support qt-sni were just uploaded today.
[10:45:50] <ScottK> The latest upload will hit binary New. I'll look at it over the weekend so work on getting the plugins landed can start next week.
[10:45:51] <ScottK> ..
[10:46:47] <ScottK> Any questions?
[10:47:13] <ScottK> I think the latest Qt stuff means that unity-2d has all the building blocks it's needing.
[10:47:21] <ScottK> The rest is in separate packages.
[10:48:29] <wendar> [Topic] Edubuntu Team update
[10:49:55] <wendar> [Topic] Xubuntu Team update - charlie-tca
[10:50:00] <ScottK> Usually the other flavors don't show up since it's only recently they were added to the agenda.
[10:50:16] <charlie-tca> Hi
[10:50:22] <charlie-tca> * For the record, Xubuntu will remain with GTK2 for Oneiric, with as little GTK3 as possible.
[10:50:23] <charlie-tca> Since Xubuntu is based on Xfce 4.8, and Xfce has made the decision to not move to GTK3, we will need to keep GTK2.
[10:50:25] <charlie-tca> At this time, Xfce plans on remaining with GTK2 for Xfce 4.10, due in January 2012.
[10:50:27] <charlie-tca> * Xubuntu images are oversized. This is not unexpected at this time in the cycle.
[10:50:29] <charlie-tca> * all images are working with the exception of the live desktop; install can be done from the cd menu.
[10:50:31] <charlie-tca> Two bugs causing the Xubuntu team some issues:
[10:50:33] <charlie-tca> Xubuntu amd64 20110618 xserver abort
[10:50:35] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 799238 in casper (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu amd64 20110618 xserver abort" [Medium,Triaged]
[10:50:35] <charlie-tca> is blocking the login to the Xubuntu live sessions. We don't even get a graphical login screen.
[10:50:37] <charlie-tca> Please register lightdm.conf in the alternatives system
[10:50:38] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 799754 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Please register lightdm.conf in the alternatives system" [Undecided,New]
[10:50:39] <charlie-tca> would be really helpful, but we understand things will take time to iron out with lightdm.
[10:50:41] <charlie-tca> ..
[10:52:33] <wendar> any questions for charlie-tca?
[10:52:50] <wendar> [Topic] Toolchain update - slangasek
[10:53:02] <slangasek> hey there
[10:53:21] <slangasek> not much to update this week - doko was out much of the week
[10:53:42] <slangasek> gcc 4.6.1 is planned for upload next week
[10:54:08] <slangasek> eglibc 2.14 is still being evaluated due to the breakage that will be introduced by dropping rpc support
[10:54:20] <slangasek> we should know more next week about that
[10:54:24] <slangasek> EOF
[10:55:03] <wendar> [Topic] MOTU team update - tumbleweed
[10:55:13] <tumbleweed> Hi,
[10:55:17] <tumbleweed> FTBFS count still high, but I've seen a fair number of people working on toolchain related issues. Expect an announcement for a bug-squashing jam for them next week.
[10:55:26] <tumbleweed> Got some preliminary FTBFS historical graphs up.
[10:55:33] <tumbleweed> The code isn't quite ready for merging into ubuntuwire QA's page yet, now that I have some history I must play with it more.
[10:55:37] <tumbleweed>
[10:55:44] <tumbleweed> ..
[10:56:54] <wendar> next week is a good time for a bug squashing jam
[10:57:16] <wendar> did I miss anyone in the round table?
[10:57:36] <wendar> or any other comments or questions?
[10:58:01] <ScottK> Did Linaro report?
[10:58:32] <ogra> no
[10:58:41] <ScottK> Is fabo around?
[10:58:42] <wendar> no, perhaps fabo's not here
[10:58:54] <ScottK> Oh, I see it in the backscroll now.
[10:59:05] <wendar> he's on the channel, but not necessarily actually here
[10:59:14] <ScottK> It is late for him.
[11:00:17] <wendar> Sounds like no more questions
[11:00:25] <wendar> We'll call that a wrap
[11:00:28] <wendar> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.