Meeting started by Keybuk at 09:02
09:02:30 LINK Keybuk Today's Agenda:
09:03:11 Topic: Action Review
09:05:05 Topic:
09:31:48 ACTION Keybuk mdz to draft plan/process for brainstorm
09:32:51 Topic: Check accuracy of voting procedure on TechnicalBoard wiki page
09:39:44 ACTION Keybuk cjwatson to review and defraft TB wiki pages to match current governance practice
09:40:31 Topic: Fate of ia64/sparc in Maverick
09:41:55 ACTION Keybuk Keybuk to invoke lamont for ia64/sparc drop
09:42:15 Topic: Mailing list archive
09:57:07 LINK mdz
10:02:30 ACTION Keybuk pitti to follow up with kees on-list
10:02:38 Topic: Community bugs
10:03:19 ACTION Keybuk Chair for next meeting
10:04:01 AGREED Keybuk mdz to chair
Meeting ended at 10:04.

People Present:
  1. Keybuk
  2. mdz
  3. pitti
  4. cjwatson
  5. sabdfl
  6. dholbach
  7. kees
  8. chrisccoulson
  9. jdstrand
  10. ubottu