Meeting started by airurando at 14:12
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14:15:38 LINK airurando
14:17:05 Topic: Review of previous action items
14:18:56 Topic: airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail
14:23:18 Topic: airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.
14:27:02 Topic: airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback
14:29:02 Topic: Natty Narwhal Release Party
14:38:41 AGREED airurando Natty release party to take place on 28th of April. Food in Jimmy Chungs at 7pm followed by drinks in the Trinity Capitol at 9pm ish.
14:41:03 ACTION airurando infoturtle to set up events on the wiki and LoCo Dir for the Natty Narwhal Release Party
14:42:02 Topic: Preliminary discussion regarding the continuation of our Ubuntu Hours
14:58:29 Topic: any other business
15:01:03 Topic: Update on website upgrade
15:04:50 Topic: Next meeting
Meeting ended at 15:07.

People Present:
  1. airurando
  2. infoturtle
  3. moylan
  4. Andru__
  5. Andru_