Meeting started by airurando at 15:11
15:13:01 LINK airurando
15:13:35 Topic: Review of previous action items
15:19:00 ACTION airurando airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail
15:27:19 ACTION airurando airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.
15:28:34 Topic: Ubuntu Global Jam
15:29:49 Topic: 11.04 Release Party?
15:50:03 ACTION airurando airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback.
15:51:52 Topic: LoCo Directory for meetings
15:52:39 LINK czajkowski
15:53:18 LINK czajkowski
15:55:54 Topic: AOB
Meeting ended at 16:01.

People Present:
  1. airurando
  2. czajkowski
  3. moylan
  4. imgarysmith