Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-au
[04:01:50] <nisshh> who is here?
[04:01:54] <ikt> o/
[04:02:03] * ikt whistles
[04:02:16] <sagaci> presently present
[04:02:25] <nisshh> head_victim, dns-xo, jellyware, elky?
[04:02:30] <ikt> heya sagaci :)
[04:02:31] <blahdeblah> MootBot obviously doesn't understand timezones
[04:02:33] <jellyware> i'm here
[04:02:42] * head_victim waves
[04:03:00] <nisshh> ok
[04:03:05] <nisshh> not many then
[04:03:07] * blahdeblah waves
[04:03:10] <nisshh> first topic
[04:03:24] <sagaci> agenda
[04:03:25] <blahdeblah> First time in ages i've actually made it to the meeting! Do i get a prize? :-P
[04:03:28] <nisshh> [TOPIC]Details on how LCA2011 went
[04:03:34] <nisshh> head_victim, go for it
[04:03:50] <nisshh> blahdeblah, no :)
[04:03:54] * blahdeblah sulks
[04:03:54] <head_victim> Well for all who have been hiding under a rock for the last 2 months the details are all now available here
[04:03:59] <head_victim> [LINK]
[04:04:26] <head_victim> I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended and made the day as successful as it could have been considering the last minute venue changes, etc.
[04:04:39] * blahdeblah downloads elky's report
[04:04:49] <nisshh> sucks that i couldnt be there
[04:04:51] <head_victim> I think we did have an impact on some people and I think we did raise awareness of the team.
[04:05:07] <elky> it's in simple language for distribution to non-native-english-speaking teams
[04:05:14] <head_victim> And I'm sure we all got a good chance to say Gday and put faces to names, etc.
[04:05:24] <blahdeblah> yeah - that part was really god
[04:05:25] <blahdeblah> good
[04:05:27] <dns-xo> it was fun
[04:05:40] <head_victim> Now what I would like to do is to make sure we don't just leave it at a count of one open day for the year.
[04:05:49] <blahdeblah> dns-xo won an XO! :-)
[04:05:59] <dns-xo> :)
[04:06:06] <head_victim> I would like to think we as a team could hold more of these throughout the year in different locations
[04:06:17] <nisshh> head_victim, you mean a meetup?
[04:06:27] <jellyware> I like that idea
[04:06:37] <head_victim> nisshh: both meetups and stands at public venues.
[04:06:45] <nisshh> oh right, yep
[04:07:01] <blahdeblah> Is that part of this agenda item? I have some more input on that, but should we leave it until a different topic?
[04:07:10] <nisshh> head_victim, i dont know what other events we could do stands at though
[04:07:16] <head_victim> I will be working towards putting up a wiki "howto run a conference" so to try and make it easier for others to set them up locally
[04:07:26] <blahdeblah> head_victim: Sounds good
[04:07:32] <head_victim> sorry not hwoto run a conference, but howto run a booth in a public venue.
[04:07:37] <nisshh> heh
[04:07:40] <nisshh> sounds good
[04:07:41] <jellyware> nice
[04:07:46] <blahdeblah> we knew what you meant... :-)
[04:07:52] <head_victim> And that way I can list the resources we as a team now have.
[04:08:13] <head_victim> By resources I mean posters and stuff, they have been laminated so can be used multiple times just need to pay for postage
[04:08:14] <nisshh> head_victim, maybe link it to the projects page or something
[04:08:18] <Phlosten> potential suppliers of resources etc
[04:08:27] <nisshh> make it easy to find, etc
[04:08:39] <Phlosten> bribes help
[04:08:58] <head_victim> Yep, so once again, thanks all for your help. I think that's me covered unless people have questions?
[04:09:40] <Phlosten> I would like to extend a big thank you to head_victim for his work on the open day stuff, it was teh awesome! and also organising the dinner during the week of LCA
[04:09:51] <blahdeblah> From the perspective of the conference overall, there was great feedback in general
[04:10:06] <blahdeblah> I was part of the volunteer team, and i had a great time helping out
[04:10:12] <blahdeblah> I wish i could do it more often!
[04:10:13] <nisshh> head_victim, anything to add about the Open Day itself?
[04:10:30] <nisshh> there is a subtopic on the meetings page
[04:10:31] <jellyware> thanks to head_victim too for distributing the unused cds. appreciated
[04:10:58] <head_victim> jellyware: glad you can use them, they are the only thing we have that really have an expiry date of sorts
[04:11:07] <Phlosten> the open day stand was great. a lot of the other 'stands' were very slap dash last minute stuff, was good to see professional looking posters etc
[04:11:23] <blahdeblah> Yeah - it would be great if we could get those CDs out & about before they're useless
[04:11:49] <nisshh> head_victim, ok, that everything then?
[04:11:53] <jellyware> i will put a note on the mailing list later if anyone wants one for free...
[04:12:13] <Phlosten> my only suggestion was that maybe at the open day next year we focus on displaying something in particular that Ubuntu does. that demonstrates well
[04:12:13] <nisshh> ill take that as a yes
[04:12:18] <head_victim> If anyone has any other ideas as to what groups could use a large number of Ubuntu CDs I'm all ears.
[04:12:25] <head_victim> Phlosten: good idea.
[04:12:33] <head_victim> nisshh: take it away :D
[04:12:36] <nisshh> ok
[04:12:44] <nisshh> [TOPIC]Getting an Australian forum added to:
[04:12:48] <nisshh> ikt, shoot
[04:12:50] <ikt> ok!
[04:12:57] <Phlosten> as an example, this year the openSUSE people were focusing on displaying their build system
[04:12:58] <blahdeblah> nisshh: back up a bit
[04:13:05] <elky> Phlosten, most of that was generated by the LCA printer asploding mid-run. Most of the 'slap dash" stands were supposed to have a1 or thereabouts prints of branding etc.
[04:13:09] <nisshh> blahdeblah, what?
[04:13:22] <blahdeblah> I still have about 20 or so CDs left from the box head_victim gave me
[04:13:34] <nisshh> blahdeblah, post it to the mailing list
[04:13:44] <blahdeblah> OK
[04:13:46] <Phlosten> elky: ah rightio, didnt catch that, but it was good that head_victim had the posters pre-organised before that week
[04:13:46] <nisshh> maximum amount of people will hear about it then
[04:14:10] <nisshh> ikt, alright, go for it
[04:14:25] <ikt> alrighty, most of what I'm saying will tie into the next topic
[04:14:36] <ikt> anyways I was going over some ubuntu auish stuff
[04:14:44] <ikt> managed to download the entire mailling list archive
[04:14:51] <ikt> and saw it was a wee bit more active in the past
[04:14:59] <elky> Phlosten, being local helps that lots ;)
[04:15:00] <ikt> there was even a discussion on having a forum
[04:15:09] <ikt> which was shot down because people like the mailling list
[04:15:33] <ikt> as a very active ubuntuforum goer, I see a lot more australians there than I do on the mailling list or in this channel
[04:15:35] <nisshh> ikt, i do remember that
[04:15:53] <blahdeblah> ikt: interesting.
[04:15:54] <ikt> I have run into people in real life who use ubuntu every day and are on the ubuntuforums, but haven't heard of this loco
[04:16:01] <Phlosten> elky: maybe there is a suggestion for the LCA people for next request for orders of posters before the LCA week, open day people can pick them up during the event
[04:16:13] <elky> Phlosten, LA *owns* a large format printer.
[04:16:15] <ikt> I briefly last year put a message in my forum sig to advertise the ubuntu au 'group'
[04:16:20] <blahdeblah> I hate web forums with a passion - does have a mail or newsgroup gateway?
[04:16:30] <ikt> which is disabled atm because of forum hardware issues
[04:16:35] <ikt> no blahdeblah :(
[04:16:38] <nisshh> blahdeblah, dont think so
[04:16:45] <blahdeblah> Pity
[04:16:50] <elky> Phlosten, it got lost thanks to the floods. They then borrowed one last minute from somewhere and one of the 8 heads blew. It won't work with 7 heads. Spare heads were hard to fish for ;)
[04:16:51] <ikt> What I'm trying to get at is that it's not really aimed at you
[04:17:06] <ikt> It's entirely possible to have people on the mailling list and on the forums
[04:17:15] <ikt> and I think the 2 of them can help each other to a degree
[04:17:16] <blahdeblah> indeed
[04:17:23] <sagaci> meeting still on?
[04:17:27] <ikt> looking at this:
[04:17:29] <ikt>
[04:17:30] <head_victim> sagaci: yep, up to agenda item 2
[04:17:31] <nisshh> ikt, you want to attract people on the forums to the loco who dont know about it, correct?
[04:17:56] <ikt> yes in general
[04:18:07] <blahdeblah> ikt: Are those forums only available to official LoCos?
[04:18:22] <ikt> I don't believe so
[04:18:26] <blahdeblah> Cool
[04:18:33] <nisshh> ikt, have you made any headway in trying to get us a subforum on there?
[04:18:39] <Phlosten> I would support a subforum
[04:18:58] <jellyware> I setup a forum using php bb the other day. really easy
[04:19:07] <head_victim> [LINK] doesn't mention it has to be an approved team
[04:19:10] <nisshh> well, the forum the loco would get would be a subforum inside the loco part of the forum
[04:19:17] <blahdeblah> can you get it to email you when there's a new topic?
[04:19:17] <ikt> yeah, but the reason I ask about it being a sub forum
[04:19:23] <elky> Phlosten, which would take it up to 4 seperate communities we need to maintain
[04:19:34] <nisshh> blahdeblah, there are some email options yes
[04:19:34] <ikt> it because we automatically gain membership access that everyone on the forum already has
[04:19:42] <elky> the channels here, the lists, the google group forum and the ubuntu forum
[04:20:15] <ikt> I wouldn't mind modding it if need be, going over other sub forums
[04:20:21] <head_victim> ikt: I assume you are offering to help out with the admin background stuff if need be?
[04:20:34] <elky> currently mails to the list go to the google group forum, so there's less duplication when it comes to announcing stuff
[04:20:35] <ikt> yeah definitely
[04:20:57] <blahdeblah> I would use if it we had a fairly low-volume forum and the system emailed me when there was a new topic, and also emailed me replies on threads i had participated in.
[04:20:58] <head_victim> Ok, how much of a type of forum is the google group thing?
[04:21:17] <ikt> not like a forum at all
[04:21:19] <head_victim> blahdeblah: you can sub to threads if you want
[04:21:19] <blahdeblah> head_victim: It's just a mail<->web<->newsgroup gateway
[04:21:27] <ikt> and it splits us off from the main ubuntu forums
[04:21:41] <Phlosten> elky: the google groups is just a gateway to the mailing list right?
[04:21:57] <elky> Phlosten, it's a forum-like interface for it
[04:22:04] <elky> AFAIK
[04:22:11] <Phlosten> who set it up?
[04:22:17] <ikt> blahdeblah, I do believe you can do this on ubuntu forums, at worst an rss feed
[04:22:22] <blahdeblah> head_victim: Yeah, but i want it to *automatically* subscribe me to threads i've commented on, and otherwise only bother me when there's a new topic
[04:22:26] <blahdeblah> ikt: RSS is not even close to an option
[04:22:27] <Phlosten> and does it get used?
[04:22:31] <blahdeblah> Phlosten: anyone can set it up
[04:22:35] <blahdeblah> It's bi-directional
[04:22:37] <head_victim> blahdeblah: I think it's a tick box when you add a reply
[04:22:44] <elky> yama did but he's pulled out of managing it. head_victim has mod of it currently afaik
[04:22:54] <blahdeblah> Phlosten: So you can post on either one
[04:23:01] <head_victim> elky: yeah I check it semi -regularly to ensure new members are not spammers
[04:23:03] <ikt> blahdeblah, I really quite certain you can set that up
[04:23:19] <blahdeblah> I'm not sure how talking about Google groups is that relevant to this topic.
[04:23:25] <ikt> I had an issue where I was 'subscribed' to many active threads and it destroyed my mailbox, I don't think that will be an issue with the au sub forum though
[04:23:35] <elky> blahdeblah, it's a forum that already exists.
[04:23:39] <elky> that's how it's relevant.
[04:23:40] <head_victim> blahdeblah: I was just asking how muhc like a forum it is
[04:23:44] <Phlosten> the only thing I would add would be it might still cast a barrier to entry for some people, that are confused about the group<>mailing list integration
[04:24:27] <blahdeblah> elky: I thought the topic was getting us more visible on
[04:24:37] <nisshh> to save a large amount of time from being argued away, who is for having the forum and who is against?
[04:24:47] <ikt> +1 ?
[04:24:51] <Phlosten> isnt there a vote thingo?
[04:25:00] <nisshh> do we want a vote now then?
[04:25:09] <head_victim> I'd be willing to try it out for a while and see how it goes?
[04:25:17] <sagaci> [VOTE]
[04:25:28] <nisshh> sagaci, hehe
[04:25:29] <elky> blahdeblah, and i thought it was "lets get an ubuntu-au sub forum"
[04:25:32] <blahdeblah> I'm definitely not against it. I just don't expect i'll use it much. But that's not a vote against.
[04:25:34] <ikt> nice try sagaci :D
[04:25:43] <blahdeblah> who's chair - nisshh?
[04:25:48] <nisshh> blahdeblah, yes
[04:25:53] <nisshh> ok, lets vote
[04:25:55] <Phlosten> if the effort required to set it up is minimal and there is someone willing to look after it, if it does indeed need looking after, then there could be value in doing it
[04:26:01] <sagaci> yeah i was just seeing what happens when you do it
[04:26:02] <bwright> Hello.
[04:26:03] <ikt> blahdeblah, yeah exactly, that's what I'm thinking, I don't really see a down side to it, even if it doesn't get used much
[04:26:09] <blahdeblah> ikt: agree
[04:26:15] <blahdeblah> ikt: You volunteering to monitor it?
[04:26:20] <ikt> sure :)
[04:26:20] <head_victim> +1 on the basis it actually becomes useful we can always ask for it to be closed if it's a real issue.
[04:26:23] * blahdeblah waves to bwright
[04:26:27] <nisshh> [VOTE]Should we set up a sub forum on
[04:26:34] <ikt> +1
[04:26:34] <blahdeblah> +1
[04:26:35] <Phlosten> I would probably browse the forum regularly if I knew it was there
[04:26:39] <head_victim> +1
[04:26:39] <elky> -1 it's fragmentation of an already fragmented community
[04:26:39] <nisshh> +0
[04:26:40] <sagaci> +0
[04:26:40] <jellyware> +1
[04:26:43] <bwright> Ah meeting I randonly turned up to again!
[04:26:55] <Phlosten> +1
[04:26:56] <head_victim> bwright: indeed :D
[04:27:02] <nisshh> ok
[04:27:08] <dns-xo> +1 but i do not have time to read it myself
[04:27:12] <nisshh> [ENDVOTE]
[04:27:32] <blahdeblah> elky: If ikt is right and there are lots of .au people there who don't know about the team, then i see it as an opportunity to bring more people in.
[04:27:36] <Phlosten> I can volunteer to moderate along with someone else
[04:27:38] <nisshh> ikt, are you willing to get in touch with the forum people and organize it then?
[04:27:44] <ikt> can do :)
[04:27:49] <head_victim> From the looks it needs to come from elky
[04:27:54] <bwright> There is a team now o.O
[04:28:04] <nisshh> head_victim, yeah probably
[04:28:06] <ikt> bwright, we grow up so fast :)
[04:28:11] <blahdeblah> bwright: please explain
[04:28:32] <nisshh> ikt, they might need elky to be a part of the organising (she is team contact)
[04:28:34] <head_victim> states the team contact needs to be the one requesting it on the forum.
[04:28:45] <nisshh> head_victim, oh right
[04:28:53] <nisshh> elky, you willing to sort it out then?
[04:28:55] <bwright> blahdeblah: /s/o\.0/\?/
[04:28:56] <head_victim> It states that only 2 people can mod but doesn't state it has to be the team contact that mods
[04:29:13] <ikt> I'm sure they can have more mods
[04:29:18] <elky> head_victim, yeah, it's crippled and messy. yay fragmentation
[04:29:20] <blahdeblah> bwright: regex not found
[04:29:23] <bwright> blahdeblah: s/\///
[04:29:28] <head_victim> ikt: nope, states max of 2
[04:29:50] <head_victim> elky: supposedly a hardware upgrade in the winds somewhere?
[04:29:51] <elky> they're using proprietary forum software
[04:30:10] <elky> head_victim, that's not going to change the licence of the software.
[04:30:23] <ikt> I'm confused
[04:30:24] <blahdeblah> It's not like we can affect that choice
[04:30:34] <head_victim> Ah I was referring to the recent crippling of some areas of the forum
[04:30:36] <nisshh> ok, so i guess if elky doesnt want the forum, we all have to go without
[04:30:38] <bwright> I have grown fond of the mailing list.
[04:30:46] <elky> nisshh, whaaa?
[04:30:50] <head_victim> nisshh: ?
[04:31:02] <ikt> bwright, yeah I like the mailling list, I don't want the mailling list to go away
[04:31:09] <bwright> I disagree with forums as well why not just add a wiki page showing people how to use mailing lists.
[04:31:13] <ikt> I just want to open shop in the ubuntuforums
[04:31:18] <nisshh> elky, you voted -1 and dont wish to fragment the loco further, so i assumed you dont want a forum
[04:31:21] <blahdeblah> bwright: i agree, but some people like it
[04:31:31] <ikt> bwright, because you're looking at the wrong people
[04:31:35] <bwright> o.0 I get 500 emails a day I guess.. :/
[04:31:35] <head_victim> nisshh: the team contact has to request it doesn't mean they have to be over the moon for it.
[04:31:39] <nisshh> elky, and your the only one who can request one, so if you dont, we all miss out
[04:31:39] <elky> nisshh, so?
[04:31:46] <bwright> Filters :)
[04:32:05] <elky> nisshh, who the heck said that?
[04:32:14] <nisshh> elky, nvm, ignore me
[04:32:27] <elky> I think I will if you're going to kick me in the face like that.
[04:32:36] <sagaci> nisshh, i think you just overreacted to the -1 vote
[04:32:48] <blahdeblah> elky: nisshh is just asking if you're ready to put aside your objections and request it. You've not indicated as yet that you're willing to do anything about it.
[04:33:04] <nisshh> sagaci, no, i abstained, i dont give a crap
[04:33:06] <bwright> We should just get a bot to feed the RSS of the forum into the mailing list.
[04:33:15] <bwright> Some forums have that set up anyway
[04:33:24] <nisshh> blahdeblah, thankyou, thats exactly what i was trying to say
[04:33:27] <bwright> But then again ick it would be messy as hell.
[04:33:28] <blahdeblah> bwright: That sounds like a recipe for disaster
[04:33:36] <bwright> Indeed.
[04:33:36] <ikt> bwright, you're confusing the issue
[04:33:50] <ikt> the 2 can help each other
[04:33:55] <ikt> they don't have to joined at the hip[
[04:33:57] <elky> blahdeblah, wait what? I've missed something here. When did I get given the option to veto the whole team?
[04:33:58] <ikt> to be*
[04:34:17] <ikt> if you want to visit the forum cool, if you want to use the mailing list that's cool to
[04:34:21] <nisshh> elky, it says on the wiki, only you (the team contact) can request a forum
[04:34:27] <bwright> Well I have been reading a normal phpbb3 forum for the last 6 years at least once a week so I don't really care.
[04:34:31] <ikt> all the main annoucements will be on the mailling list
[04:34:33] <blahdeblah> you didn't, but nisshh is asking for an affirmation that you will request the forum
[04:34:37] <elky> nisshh, and what makes you think I would veto the whole team?
[04:34:53] <blahdeblah> elky: The fact that you haven't said a good word about it during this meeting
[04:34:58] <nisshh> elky, nothing, i originally asked you for an answer so we could move on
[04:35:17] <nisshh> but now we just wasted 10 minutes arguing
[04:35:34] <nisshh> because you thought i was kicking you in the face
[04:35:41] <blahdeblah> nisshh: clearing up misunderstanding is not arguing
[04:35:49] <elky> blahdeblah, i'm not obliged to say anything good about something that has no redeeming features. I signed a code of conduct though, which obliges me to respect the team vote.
[04:35:58] <nisshh> blahdeblah, point taken, wasting time all the same
[04:36:09] <ikt> elky, will you help me setup the forums?
[04:36:15] <ikt> sub-forum*
[04:36:15] <sagaci> so what's happening
[04:36:22] <elky> ikt, sure.
[04:36:26] <ikt> great!!!
[04:36:28] <blahdeblah> \o/
[04:36:31] <nisshh> ok
[04:36:48] <nisshh> can we move on or do you have more to say ikt?
[04:37:01] <ikt> nope that's everything and a bit I think
[04:37:04] <nisshh> ok
[04:37:05] <head_victim> Sounds like we'll set up the sub forum and see how it goes :)
[04:37:06] <bwright> I remember this discussion like a year ago lol. We take our time to get things done lol
[04:37:24] <Phlosten> ikt: I'll help out where needed to, if it needs moderation or such
[04:37:24] <nisshh> [TOPIC]Making 2011 the year for re-approval
[04:37:28] <nisshh> ikt, go for it
[04:37:39] <ikt> ok so
[04:37:46] <ikt> with the sub-forum thing, the main point being more visible
[04:37:55] <ikt> I went over this thingo
[04:38:04] <ikt>
[04:38:16] <elky> bwright, this discussion was two years ago when nobody around was confident the person running the forums was past being prone to shutting the forums in to maintenance mode whenever he got in a mood.
[04:38:27] <ikt> would it be possible to setup a wiki page or a goal or
[04:38:29] <ikt> anything really
[04:38:36] <ikt> to maybe go through each of the points in that email
[04:38:41] <ikt> and address them appropriately
[04:39:20] <blahdeblah> ikt: agree.
[04:39:30] <bwright> elky: That is why I like the mailing lists.
[04:39:31] <dns-xo> we are listening for ideas, there is a page of ideas and this meeting to discuss them
[04:39:37] <Phlosten> ikt: sounds good
[04:39:56] <ikt> dns-xo, I don't want to rush this :P
[04:40:18] <head_victim> ikt: I'd suggest a sub page of would be a good place for it
[04:40:21] <nisshh> ikt, neither do i want to die of old age before we get it sorted :)
[04:40:29] <blahdeblah> ikt: I personally think we've covered suggestions 2 & 3 in that email pretty well (where 2 ~= /^Consider revising .*/ and 3 ~= /^Holding regular meetings .*/)
[04:40:30] <bwright> Yes I agree with head victim
[04:40:37] <ikt> yup
[04:40:42] <bwright> Make a wiki page go nuts.
[04:40:53] <ikt> we are moving along quite fast, the LCA was brilliant
[04:41:04] <blahdeblah> agree
[04:41:04] <ikt> I just want to ensure we can maintain this speed
[04:41:16] <elky> ikt, so who am I supposed to request as moderators then? I log in to the forums maybe once a year.
[04:41:40] <nisshh> elky, ask on the mailing list
[04:41:47] <bwright> elky: RSS was made for this issue :)
[04:41:52] <head_victim> I use check them semi-regularly, but I think Phlosten was also offering to help
[04:42:01] <ikt> yep
[04:42:04] <ikt> me and Phlosten
[04:42:10] <blahdeblah> bwright: enough already!
[04:42:13] <ikt> we both visit quite often, I'm on there pretty much every day
[04:42:17] <elky> nisshh, right, i'll ask the mailing list for which *two* people want to be given god powers on a subforum. I see no harm in that whatsoever...
[04:42:34] <blahdeblah> haven't we already got them? ikt & Phlosten
[04:42:38] <nisshh> elky, ...
[04:42:39] <elky> Do we have a cage I can use for eliminating the weaker applicants?
[04:42:52] <blahdeblah> :-D
[04:43:04] <head_victim> Phlosten: you're fairly regular on the forums?
[04:43:05] <Phlosten> to be honest I havent logged in there in a while, but I certainly browse around a bit
[04:43:18] <head_victim> Ah k I mainly search it for issues for helping others out
[04:43:56] <bwright> blahdeblah: RSS is a perfectly valid way to collate forum updates.
[04:44:05] <blahdeblah> bwright: I
[04:44:24] <blahdeblah> bwright: I'm not disputing that - i just think we need to move past it and stick on the new topic
[04:44:35] <ikt> ^
[04:44:45] <elky> Phlosten, mods need to be actually active. I know we have one staffer who floats around. Vantrax. But I dunno if he'd want to have the honor.
[04:44:45] <ikt> If I setup the wiki page
[04:45:22] <ikt> and talk to maybe the group of us on what possibilitys we have and where we can go
[04:45:34] <ikt> then suggest the mailling list get involved
[04:45:39] <ikt> my biggest issue by far
[04:45:45] <ikt> is the distraction of former members
[04:45:58] <ikt> who take away our attention from gaining new members
[04:46:07] <bwright> Define a former member.
[04:46:17] <blahdeblah> ikt: I honestly think that that is no longer an issue
[04:46:33] <head_victim> ikt: I'd like to think we've gotten over the previous antagonist.
[04:46:35] <blahdeblah> bwright: look back through the mailing list archives
[04:46:54] <elky> Yeah, lets not give that any more airtime than it's already had.
[04:47:21] <blahdeblah> elky++ - don't give it oxy
[04:47:26] <blahdeblah> oxygen
[04:48:04] <ikt> ok that's fine then :D
[04:48:13] <head_victim> Sounds good
[04:48:26] <ikt> I'll talk to a few people, see if we can get this thing rolling
[04:48:27] <mark_> Hello all
[04:48:32] <bwright> Yo
[04:48:39] <blahdeblah> hi mark_
[04:48:54] <blahdeblah> I reckon we need to get moving on their first point - leadership. I would like to nominate head_victim for team leader.
[04:49:20] * ikt is running out of breath trying to keep up
[04:49:35] <sagaci> blahdeblah, isn't that AGM material
[04:49:46] <blahdeblah> sagaci: We have an AGM? :-)
[04:49:48] <Phlosten> there is an AGM?
[04:50:11] <head_victim> Ok sounds like we have a sub forum thing as a go, is there a next topic?
[04:50:17] <ikt> yeah
[04:50:27] <blahdeblah> head_victim: We're already on the next topic - re-approval
[04:50:28] <ikt> making this year the year we get official status back
[04:50:38] <elky> blahdeblah, seconded! head_victim!
[04:50:42] <nisshh> ikt, we are already on that topic :)
[04:50:43] <ikt> head_victim, you've fallen behind! try to keep up
[04:50:57] <ikt> i'm ahead of you all \o/
[04:50:57] * head_victim has a belly full of dinner and can't run fast
[04:51:04] <nisshh> ikt, anyway, whats next?
[04:51:16] <ikt> that was pretty much it, we got over it pretty fast
[04:51:19] * blahdeblah wonders if that was such a good nomination if head_victim can't keep up with the topic... :-P
[04:51:20] <ikt> going over the email
[04:51:22] <ikt> point by point
[04:51:24] <elky> Some of you already know, but I'm moving to NZ soonish, so we do need to get a new contact stat.
[04:51:39] <ikt> stat as in now?
[04:51:41] <Phlosten> I would support head_victim in that role
[04:51:42] <bwright> So we can boot ya from the AU loco!
[04:51:45] <elky> ikt, yah
[04:51:51] <Phlosten> off the plank!
[04:51:53] <elky> bwright, good luck on that.
[04:51:57] <ikt> lol
[04:52:07] <ikt> so how do we do this officially?
[04:52:14] <simplechat> bwright, you do have a point
[04:52:15] <nisshh> elky, do you want to sort this out now?
[04:52:25] <Phlosten> officially for an unofficial group?
[04:52:28] <elky> define:this?
[04:52:37] <bwright> simplechat: I mean the name loco does imply that...
[04:52:38] <blahdeblah> ikt: There's no official process when we have no official status
[04:52:43] <sagaci> elky just needs to mail the ubuntu 14.04 gold DVD to head_victim
[04:52:47] <nisshh> elky, choosing a new team contact, now or later?
[04:52:57] <ikt> blahdeblah, that doesn't sound right
[04:53:09] <ikt> because if there's no official process what's stopping me from taking over the world
[04:53:10] <elky> nisshh, depends how much discussion people think it needs, and with whom.
[04:53:11] <ikt> *loco
[04:53:24] <blahdeblah> nisshh, ikt: i think we need to give it some air on the mailing list rather than decide right here & now
[04:53:28] <bwright> ikt: Police, Microsoft.
[04:53:33] <elky> we could raise it on the mailing list, but it *would* start That Other Thing up again.
[04:53:38] <nisshh> elky, i think the general consensus is that head_victim would be a good candidate
[04:53:38] <blahdeblah> true
[04:53:44] <ikt> ^
[04:53:47] <bwright> ikt: I assume some form of council stands in the way.
[04:53:59] <Phlosten> maybe semi-formalise the process, raise the need for leadership change on mailing list and see who comes forward/is pushed
[04:54:01] <nisshh> but again, im not saying anything about that
[04:54:11] <elky> bwright, nah, they have approximately a grain of salt's say in who we are represented by.
[04:54:25] * ikt was unaware of this
[04:54:29] <blahdeblah> I agree with elky - if we bring it up there, it's gonna open a whole can-o-worms
[04:54:42] <bwright> What so we have ubuntu-au-IRC-team?
[04:54:53] <ikt> we're unofficial
[04:54:57] <bwright> That is like saying don't let people vote because we don't like what they say.
[04:54:57] <nisshh> bwright, no
[04:55:09] <bwright> Since everyone here is a head_victim supporter anyway.
[04:55:12] <ikt> we're trying to get a response 'stat'
[04:55:30] <nisshh> bwright, if you want to be team contact, just say so
[04:55:44] <blahdeblah> bwright: I agree that we need to give it some air there, but i shudder to think what will happen when we do
[04:55:50] <bwright> Not at all I am a head_victim supporter as it would imply.
[04:55:59] <nisshh> its just that no one has suggested anyone except head_victim so far
[04:56:17] <bwright> blahdeblah: I disagree I mean it is a leadership change mailing lists are still part of the community
[04:56:18] <ikt> maybe give the mailing list a time
[04:56:20] <ikt> set a deadline
[04:56:21] <bwright> You can't just ignore them.
[04:56:24] <Phlosten> vote pedro!
[04:56:30] <blahdeblah> bwright: agree fully
[04:56:43] <blahdeblah> Phlosten: vote Ron Paul!
[04:56:49] <ikt> ron paul 2012
[04:57:00] <ikt> anyways...
[04:57:06] <Phlosten> if the mailing list is going to be part of the soon to be re-official group then it should be included now
[04:57:09] <ikt> about us getting past those former members...
[04:57:13] <bwright> Humor in an Ubuntu-au meeting is not parsed.
[04:57:19] <head_victim> Well I like the idea of taking it to the mailing list with a "anyone object or have a better solution let's here it within X amount of time?"
[04:57:30] <ikt> ^
[04:57:31] <blahdeblah> head_victim: yep
[04:57:34] <nisshh> +1
[04:57:35] <Phlosten> you are going to get brick walls, if you arnt prepared to deal with them there is no point going forward
[04:57:38] <bwright> Give them 1 second to vote
[04:57:40] <head_victim> Body language in IRC does not parse :/ We need to tag it all
[04:57:49] <blahdeblah> :-)
[04:57:57] <bwright> I don't support any tagging standard.
[04:57:57] <ikt> o\-<
[04:58:04] <ikt> bwright, :(
[04:58:21] <nisshh> ok, so we can take the to the ML then
[04:58:29] <nisshh> ikt, whats next?
[04:58:30] <ikt> yup, how long, 1 week ?
[04:58:31] <elky> I suggest I mail the list saying that the members present for the meeting decided that head_victim shold be the new president of the world, any objectors to raise their reasons why or shut up forever.
[04:58:49] <nisshh> elky, yep, do that then
[04:58:59] <blahdeblah> bwright: 1 second is not quite long enough - say 1 hour?
[04:59:07] <Phlosten> elky: +1
[04:59:08] <blahdeblah> elky++
[04:59:21] <ikt> ++
[04:59:27] <sagaci> good idea
[04:59:33] <bwright> blahdeblah: XML YUK
[04:59:57] <ikt> nisshh, just one thing
[04:59:57] <blahdeblah> bwright: :-)
[04:59:59] <bwright> elky is a pointer why are you ++ a pointer :o
[05:00:04] <ikt> "The number of active members of the team have been waning"
[05:00:11] <ikt> where did they get this magic number from?
[05:00:14] <bwright> That would explain the odd behaviour though.
[05:00:31] <head_victim> ikt: is where the numbers came from I think
[05:00:33] <nisshh> ikt, its obvious, we have less than 10-15 at each meeting
[05:00:34] <elky> I'm in like five conversations right now, hah.
[05:00:50] <ikt> nisshh, how many did we have before?
[05:01:00] <bwright> only 5?
[05:01:04] <nisshh> ikt, no idea, i came along when there were maybe 20 active
[05:01:05] <head_victim> everyone msg elky and ddos her IRC
[05:01:16] <nisshh> lol head_victim
[05:01:17] <ikt> nisshh, 20 active in a meeting?
[05:01:22] <bwright> CTCP ping attack is more effective.
[05:01:24] <nisshh> ikt, i have no idea
[05:01:31] <ikt> hrmm
[05:01:35] <elky> ikt, active members is an odd thing in volunteer groups. Often you have your most active members when you have your least active period.
[05:01:50] <nisshh> +1 elky
[05:01:51] <elky> Everyone is "active" when they don't actually have to, like, you know. DO stuff.
[05:01:53] <ikt> ok so how do we count our active members?
[05:02:04] <ikt> based on how many people show up to meetings?
[05:02:11] <bwright> We just fudge the numbers
[05:02:13] <nisshh> ikt, anyone who regularly chats/contributes
[05:02:15] <head_victim> I had pondered the idea of having an expiry date on the launchpad team?
[05:02:15] <bwright> To make us look good
[05:02:16] <blahdeblah> ikt: IMHO, there's not much point trying
[05:02:37] <nisshh> there is no point keeping an exact count
[05:02:38] <sagaci> i want to get involved with ubuntu-au this year
[05:02:44] <Phlosten> well the forum will be a way to add extra active numbers
[05:02:57] <ikt> yeah but how do we know when we have enough members
[05:03:02] <blahdeblah> but not extra elkies ;-)
[05:03:04] <ikt> to make official status
[05:03:14] <head_victim> ikt: it's more about activity than numbers
[05:03:20] <bwright> It is the internet gen up some keys and some usernames
[05:03:22] <blahdeblah> ikt: I guess that's a question for the loco council
[05:03:25] <nisshh> ikt, there is no "enough" its what the loco council decides is adequate growth
[05:03:29] <bwright> boom we have 10,000 users.
[05:03:33] <blahdeblah> bwright: :-D
[05:03:34] <Phlosten> ikt: that page has number for mailing list subs, aim to increase it
[05:03:51] <ikt> bwright, fantastic! we'll be official by the morn
[05:03:52] <bwright> Well we can make it grow
[05:04:07] <bwright> Who says that a bot doesn't have feelings.
[05:04:31] <nisshh> ok
[05:04:32] <ikt> Phlosten, so it's based on our mailing list subscribers?
[05:04:33] <simplechat> lol
[05:04:37] <simplechat> bwright, a bot with MPD, that is
[05:04:38] <Phlosten> ikt: plus active wiki contributers, so aim to boost that too
[05:04:38] <elky> waaaah. meeting exceeding one hour!
[05:04:41] * elky faints
[05:04:42] <blahdeblah> bwright: Simmer down there, fella - you'll make all the suits nervous.
[05:04:52] <ikt> I just don't want to waste time on other stuff if we're trying to get people to sign up to the mailing list in order to make the numbers look good
[05:05:06] <bwright> That can happen
[05:05:12] <blahdeblah> ikt: agree
[05:05:14] <bwright> We could have a lot of subscribers tomorrow
[05:05:16] <ikt> we want to show these loco people we mean business
[05:05:20] * ikt puts on a suit and tie
[05:05:21] <blahdeblah> ikt: I think it's about quality, not quantity
[05:05:23] <head_victim> ikt: I don't think any activity we do from here is "wasted" it's just a matter of getting things rolling.
[05:05:29] <nisshh> +1 blahdeblah
[05:05:44] <ikt> true
[05:05:48] <nisshh> ok, that everything then?
[05:05:55] <ikt> i'll talk to the loco ppls
[05:05:57] <nisshh> we just hit an hour
[05:05:59] <head_victim> sagaci: you had a sub point, anything in particular?
[05:06:02] <ikt> see how we best gauge our activity levels
[05:06:05] <nisshh> so we dont really want to be talking all night
[05:06:07] <bwright> blahdeblah: What is wrong with a bot army to vote with my command?
[05:06:10] <elky> I suspect we could apply for re-officialness any time from here in
[05:06:12] <head_victim> Or has this last 20 or so mins been what you were referring to?
[05:06:26] <sagaci> one second
[05:06:32] <nisshh> ok
[05:06:38] <elky> and I suggest you do so as soon as possible. At worst they'll tell you what you need to do next.
[05:06:38] <blahdeblah> nisshh: If we're going to take elky's advice and tell the mailing list we've nominated head_victim as team leader, we could probably vote on that...
[05:06:50] <blahdeblah> elky: agree
[05:06:56] <nisshh> blahdeblah, no need, i think we all agree
[05:07:04] <ikt> vote to make it official :P
[05:07:07] <ikt> we're official
[05:07:13] * ikt still has the suit and tie on
[05:07:17] <blahdeblah> nisshh: I just figured it would be nice to have it on record
[05:07:27] <nisshh> blahdeblah, if you wish
[05:07:45] <nisshh> [VOTE]head_victim as new loco contact
[05:07:46] <bwright> I vote John Henry Eden as team leader.
[05:07:50] <ikt> +3
[05:07:54] <blahdeblah> +1
[05:07:54] <ikt> +1
[05:07:58] <nisshh> +1
[05:08:00] <bwright> -+1
[05:08:09] <jfer> +1
[05:08:11] <Bulldog2010> +1
[05:08:11] <bwright> +++++++++++++1
[05:08:14] <nisshh> bwright, if you want to abstain its +0
[05:08:15] <dns-xo> +1
[05:08:21] <elky> +1
[05:08:27] * blahdeblah wonders about all those lurkers - should we ping them to wake them up?
[05:08:32] <simplechat> +1
[05:08:34] <bwright> +1
[05:08:35] <head_victim> +0 not fair to vote myself up
[05:08:40] <sagaci> Now this is from an end user perspective. I don't run servers or copy with dd, but I want to get involved with the community. I want ubuntu-au to spread out think of new ways to (well obviously) get users and hold events
[05:08:40] <Phlosten> +1
[05:08:43] <bwright> -1
[05:08:44] <bwright> +1
[05:08:51] <Fredlxiii> +1
[05:08:53] <nisshh> bwright, you can only vote once
[05:09:00] <elky> hahahhaa
[05:09:01] <bwright> What is this!
[05:09:07] <ikt> sagaci, vote :D
[05:09:16] <blahdeblah> :-)
[05:09:16] <Phlosten> sagaci: and increase mailing list/wiki contributions, measurable numbers that can be used for re-approval
[05:09:17] <sagaci> +2
[05:09:17] <sagaci> +1
[05:09:22] <elky> bwahaha
[05:09:27] <nisshh> [ENDVOTE]
[05:09:31] <bwright_> +1
[05:09:36] <ikt> grats head_victim !
[05:09:40] <simplechat> yep
[05:09:41] <elky> bwright, BAD
[05:09:43] <nisshh> bwright, and dont try and vote with another nick
[05:09:50] <ikt> lol
[05:09:50] <nisshh> smartass
[05:09:59] <ikt> we are so official
[05:10:04] <head_victim> Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence people.
[05:10:13] <bwright> Meh half the people in this chat are my alter egos
[05:10:39] <nisshh> ok
[05:10:42] <sagaci> I mean I look at planet.ubuntu daily and see all the super cool things other teams are doing, packaging tute, bug jams, get togethers, installfests, release parties, anything to do with ubuntu
[05:10:42] <simplechat> bwright, all hail bwright
[05:10:49] <blahdeblah> bwright: So i shouldn't bother trying to wake up bicranial, brendanpuck, cafuego, chesty, d1b, dns-xo, Fudge, Hew, iflema, jaredquinn, krups, lifeless, MaxEeePsycho, nae, praetorian, purserj, skwashd, tomaw, wgrant, yama, and YankDownUnder?
[05:10:49] <blahdeblah> :-)
[05:10:57] <sagaci> it feels like i need to get on a plane to get to any of this stuff
[05:10:59] <head_victim> blahdeblah: that's just nasty.
[05:11:02] <bwright> That is just rude
[05:11:07] <elky> oh you didn't
[05:11:17] <Phlosten> hmm
[05:11:19] <Hew> blahdeblah, no you shouldn't
[05:11:21] <skwashd> blahdeblah: FOAD!
[05:11:28] <blahdeblah> Hey, it worked! :-)
[05:11:31] <nisshh> blahdeblah, that was rude
[05:11:44] <skwashd> blahdeblah: don't *ever* expect help from me
[05:11:44] <nisshh> pinging most of the channel
[05:11:52] <blahdeblah> only the lurkers
[05:12:03] <head_victim> sagaci: we did have kermiac trying stuff online but he has since dissappeared, if we were to get things going like bug jams and packaging stuff on IRC would that be useful?
[05:12:03] <sagaci> oh, you guys are still voting
[05:12:10] <nisshh> sagaci, no we arent
[05:12:26] <elky> I think this is where I point at head_victim and laugh and say "they're YOUR problem now"
[05:12:31] <ikt> miss you kermic if you're out there :(
[05:12:44] <skwashd> if voting is still open .... +1 against blahdeblah's proposal!
[05:12:45] <nisshh> elky, is that what you think of us all?
[05:12:49] <head_victim> ikt meet sagaci, yet another person to help oyu on your bugjam quest :)
[05:13:01] <elky> nisshh, when there's nickpinging, yes :P
[05:13:06] <sagaci> well whatever, i think the most effective thing would be to get a bi-monthly or monthly podcast going. Do you know how I know about ubuntu-uk? through their podcast
[05:13:06] <blahdeblah> head_victim: I think that's a pretty good idea - pity it dropped off
[05:13:09] <nisshh> oh right
[05:13:44] <simplechat> sagaci, yeah, that would be useful
[05:13:48] <simplechat> makes it easier to pick up followers
[05:13:53] <head_victim> sagaci: just needs someone to coordinate and get ideas, you volunteering?
[05:13:59] <nisshh> name, i know thats you bwright i can see your hostname
[05:14:00] <blahdeblah> anyone got the log bot URL?
[05:14:03] <sagaci> syndicating on distrowatch would be idead
[05:14:05] <sagaci> ideal*
[05:14:06] <ikt> podcasting ain't easy :P
[05:14:10] <Phlosten> regular podcasts are a serious commitment
[05:14:15] <ikt> yeah
[05:14:19] <sagaci> building a loco ain't easy
[05:14:21] <Phlosten> and a much easier way to suck
[05:14:23] <nisshh> blahdeblah, ill post it to the mailing list after the meeting
[05:14:32] <ikt> you can't be like jono and just have a podcast one minute then not have a podcast the next
[05:14:32] <sagaci> loco isn't something that you can half-arse, in my opinion
[05:14:48] <blahdeblah> I like sagaci's idea - i was thinking about just that this morning while listening to another podcast
[05:14:49] <bwright> Well
[05:14:55] <bwright> We have been getting by that way
[05:15:10] <head_victim> sagaci: I'd suggest setting up a wiki page and seeking input from others so you don't end up doing it all alone
[05:15:28] <sagaci> i'm not suggesting Linux Outlaws, specials every week
[05:15:39] <head_victim> Should be able to publish it on the website to tie them all in together
[05:15:39] <sagaci> just an audio feed from our clump of land
[05:15:45] <Phlosten> has anyone tried web conferencing release parties?
[05:15:49] <elky> did we close the meeting yet?
[05:15:49] <simplechat> sagaci, can be done
[05:15:54] <head_victim> Phlosten: other teams do it
[05:15:58] <simplechat> the hard part is lining up useful speakers
[05:16:04] <Phlosten> head_victim: nothing in Australia?
[05:16:05] <simplechat> and topics for them to speak about
[05:16:05] <blahdeblah> sagaci: I agree - just hearing someone's voice in a familiar accent is a good thing
[05:16:10] <nisshh> elky, no, i assume this is still related
[05:16:14] * blahdeblah googles
[05:16:14] <head_victim> Phlosten: not to my knowledge
[05:16:17] <nisshh> if not...
[05:16:20] <dns-xo> Phlosten does irc count?
[05:16:28] <elky> nisshh, right, so I won't demand secretaries to write my emails for me yet, then :P
[05:16:39] <nisshh> heh
[05:16:39] <Phlosten> head the reason I ask is because there are only a few out this way, not enough for a raging awesome partay
[05:17:00] <head_victim> Phlosten: I agree it's a good idea though, could even line up several so we can have multi feeds
[05:17:08] <Phlosten> but it would be cool to hook up all the 2 or 3 peoples together, and record it, and be cool and stuff
[05:17:09] <nisshh> Phlosten, you cant justify that, im the ONLY one in the whole of WA :)
[05:17:09] <blahdeblah> Interesting - top hit on youtube when you search "ubuntu australia":
[05:17:10] <sagaci> Phlosten, can't believe you'd put me down like that
[05:17:20] <nisshh> right, offtopic now
[05:17:27] <nisshh> [ENDMEETING]
[05:17:30] <nisshh> fail
[05:17:32] <nisshh> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.