Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-au
[05:06:09] * blahdeblah goes to get vegemite
[05:06:21] <nisshh> meeting agenda is here:
[05:06:36] <nisshh> [LINK]
[05:07:01] <nisshh> first topic is:
[05:07:09] <nisshh> [TOPIC] Monthly Reports
[05:07:26] <nisshh> head_victim, take it away
[05:07:59] <nisshh> head_victim.....
[05:08:14] <head_victim> Well one of the main things holding us back I feel is documentation
[05:08:45] <head_victim> So I was willing to step up and offer time to organise the wiki monthly report as described at
[05:09:10] <nisshh> [LINK]
[05:09:27] <head_victim> The only thing is people need to have input into events/etc, much like the website it's only as good as what people are willing to contribute.
[05:09:55] <head_victim> Obviously there would be collaboration with our web team ( blahdeblah )
[05:10:18] <head_victim> So that's what I wanted to say, ideas from the floor as to if this is worth the time?
[05:10:39] <MoLE_> +1 from /me - would be willing to contribute
[05:10:44] <nisshh> while we get ideas from others, can i also get a headcount as to who is here?
[05:10:53] <MoLE_> here
[05:10:54] * darkrose is here
[05:11:05] <nisshh> head_victim, i would be willing to help also
[05:11:12] * darkrose also agrees it's generally a good idea
[05:11:44] <nisshh> jfer, sagaci, firtvid20, you here?
[05:11:59] <jfer> yes
[05:11:59] <head_victim> So I guess if I work on "building it" in the hopes "they will come" ?
[05:12:11] <sagaci> hey
[05:12:25] <darkrose> heh, sounds like the best approach head_victim
[05:12:31] <jfer> i think that if we want to regain offical LoCo status it is important
[05:12:46] <nisshh> i agree
[05:12:53] * game2 is here
[05:13:04] * MoLE_ proposes that we accept head_victim
[05:13:08] * blahdeblah wonders when he became the web team
[05:13:24] <nisshh> blahdeblah, when you got listed on the wiki
[05:13:28] <nisshh> :)
[05:13:34] <head_victim> blahdeblah: you're on the wiki as an admin sorry
[05:13:36] <jfer> what are the benefits of being an official LoCo?
[05:13:42] <blahdeblah> there are 2 other people there...
[05:13:53] <nisshh> jfer, well, we get listed as such
[05:13:54] <darkrose> but not here
[05:13:57] <MoLE_> or should I say head_victim's suggestion that we implement a monthly report
[05:14:10] <nisshh> jfer, and we get support from canonical
[05:14:21] <jfer> in terms of?
[05:14:27] <MoLE_> schwag I think
[05:14:40] <nisshh> jfer, we have access to downloadable stickers and other resources, etc
[05:14:45] <head_victim> CDs and schwag.
[05:14:50] <nisshh> yeah
[05:15:12] <nisshh> ok then
[05:15:27] <jfer> well if we want to further promote the use of Ubuntu in Australia this is something we should definitely consider
[05:15:32] <head_victim> Sounds like a plan then. I'll get on it and mail the list with information when it's done?
[05:15:49] <nisshh> [ACTION] head_victim to head up the creation of a monthly report
[05:16:05] <nisshh> head_victim, sounds good
[05:16:08] <jfer> are there any other outstanding issues that we need to deal with to get re-approved?
[05:16:16] <head_victim> jfer: that is one of the main ones
[05:16:21] <nisshh> yeah
[05:16:29] <nisshh> we discussed roles last meeting did we not?
[05:16:35] <head_victim> jfer:
[05:16:44] <head_victim> nisshh: yes they're now documented as to who does what
[05:16:56] <jfer> ok thanks i was not present. sorry
[05:17:02] <jfer> but i will read the log
[05:17:29] <nisshh> head_victim, ah yes, thats right
[05:17:33] <head_victim> jfer: no problems, the other thing was general activity levels and membership numbers.
[05:18:25] <nisshh> head_victim, should we discuss those? or leave them till next meeting?
[05:18:26] <head_victim> jfer: that is the re-approval submission
[05:18:46] <jfer> ok
[05:18:56] <head_victim> nisshh: I think when we get everything right elsewhere the membership numbers will follow
[05:19:06] <jfer> when is the next chance to get re-approval?
[05:19:14] <nisshh> head_victim, agreed
[05:19:25] <head_victim> jfer: there is no set date, we just have to show we meet the criteria.
[05:19:25] <nisshh> jfer, whenever we want i think
[05:19:42] <MoLE_> We apply when we're ready
[05:19:54] <head_victim> The meetings have been a major step forward and I think with the monthly reports that will be another step and then all we need to do is document activites that go on.
[05:20:19] <darkrose> meetings being dragged offtopic by non-agenda items = bad
[05:20:23] <nisshh> yeah
[05:20:37] <head_victim> Ok so my topic is over I think.
[05:20:41] <head_victim> nisshh: next?
[05:20:44] <nisshh> yep
[05:20:59] <nisshh> [TOPIC]Organized Events
[05:21:00] <head_victim> jfer: I can have a chat with you after the meeting regarding the reapproval process if you like, just so we keep to the agenda.
[05:21:10] <nisshh> ok
[05:21:23] <nisshh> so these are mostly mine, plus MoLE_ has one
[05:21:43] <nisshh> i WAS going to try and get kermiac_ here to talk about his bugjam idea
[05:21:56] <nisshh> but he seems to be very busy right now
[05:22:06] <nisshh> so ill skip that
[05:22:17] <MoLE_> propose we defer to next meeting
[05:22:18] <jfer> head_victim:ok thanks
[05:22:34] <nisshh> MoLE_, agreed, or whenever i can get hold of kermiac_
[05:22:45] <nisshh> anyway
[05:22:55] <nisshh> so i had an idea the other day
[05:23:27] <firtvid20> Organised events as in a community event?
[05:23:30] <nisshh> im considering getting our activity levels up by hosting a session on IRC (in #ubuntu-au)
[05:23:36] <nisshh> firtvid20, yes
[05:24:01] <nisshh> where people can suggest things to have the session about before hand
[05:24:15] <nisshh> and the session goes for an hour
[05:24:26] <firtvid20> How frequent is this session
[05:24:27] <nisshh> with 1 or 2 of us leading it
[05:24:29] <MoLE_> suggestions on the mailing list nisshh ?
[05:24:38] <nisshh> firtvid20, i was thinking weekly or fortnightly
[05:24:46] <jfer> sounds good to me
[05:24:50] <nisshh> MoLE_, yeah, that would be best
[05:25:06] <head_victim> nisshh: maybe liaise with someone in -classroom
[05:25:12] <firtvid20> I like the idea
[05:25:14] <nisshh> and of course maybe we could rotate so everyone gets a go at running one
[05:25:22] <nisshh> head_victim, possibly
[05:25:27] <jfer> i am keen to get started in development but i don't know where to start
[05:25:30] <MoLE_> I would suggest starting fortnightly with topics on the mailing list suggested up to 48 hours before, with the host announcing the topic to the mailing list.
[05:25:33] <head_victim> Just do them at times when it suits Aussies.
[05:25:52] <nisshh> head_victim, i was thinking evening, that seems to suite most of us
[05:26:11] <head_victim> Sure I'm sure the people in -classroom would be more than happy with it all
[05:26:13] <nisshh> as in a bit earlier than this
[05:26:30] <firtvid20> Like around just after dinner?
[05:26:34] <nisshh> head_victim, only problem is finding a free time slot in classroom that suites us
[05:26:39] <nisshh> it tends to be busy
[05:26:42] <MoLE_> firtvid20, depends where you live in Aus
[05:26:53] <head_victim> nisshh: there hasn't been anything for days and weeks if you mean at a suitable time for us :)
[05:27:06] <nisshh> head_victim, my point exactly
[05:27:16] <blahdeblah> So what's -classroom about?
[05:27:18] <head_victim> As in no classes
[05:27:21] <darkrose> firtvid20: this is before dinner, so about an hour from now?
[05:27:38] <nisshh> blahdeblah, its where people can schedule and host sessions and its where open weeks and app week happen
[05:27:38] <head_victim> link:
[05:27:41] * blahdeblah reads classroom wiki
[05:27:52] <jfer> could we start our own ubuntu-au classroom?
[05:27:58] <nisshh> [LINK]
[05:28:04] <firtvid20> It's about 10:30 in sydney
[05:28:11] <nisshh> jfer, i was thinking just use the main channel
[05:28:19] <MoLE_> jfer, we could, but it makes sense to use the existing infrastructure
[05:28:22] <head_victim> jfer: I suggest using the one in existence just organised it from within the loco at times that suit us that way everyone benefits
[05:28:38] <jfer> sounds reasonable to me
[05:28:44] <MoLE_> using -classroom doesn't exclude non aussies then
[05:29:02] <MoLE_> if we set up our own room that might seem to be 'exclusive'
[05:29:07] <nisshh> yeah
[05:29:20] <nisshh> and it would split our 2 current loco channels into 3
[05:29:34] <nisshh> when we really only need 1 in the first place
[05:29:40] <MoLE_> I vote we aim to use -classroom at a time convenient for Aussies
[05:29:47] <blahdeblah> yep
[05:29:52] <head_victim> MoLE_: I think that's the most sensible idea.
[05:29:55] <jfer> yer
[05:30:00] <nisshh> MoLE_, look at the classroom schedule, its almost impossible to
[05:30:12] <jfer> it seems to be unutilised at these times anyway for the most part
[05:30:24] <head_victim> There is no activite there regularly
[05:30:35] <head_victim> I lurk there and it's rare to see an event
[05:30:36] <nisshh> yeah
[05:30:43] <nisshh> fair enough then
[05:30:54] <firtvid20> What time zone are we going to base these -classroom meetings on?
[05:30:55] <nisshh> i would be happy to organise that then
[05:31:01] <MoLE_> There's almost nothing for the next 2 months in -classroom
[05:31:20] <nisshh> firtvid20, probably AEST
[05:31:24] <MoLE_> firtvid20, I would suggest 2030 AEST
[05:31:33] <jfer> do we have anyone willing to run a session?
[05:31:45] <head_victim> nisshh: I think as a loco the best idea would be set up a wiki page for it with an ongoing schedule and advertise it through the mailing list and in conjunction with -classroom
[05:31:46] <MoLE_> yep
[05:31:51] <nisshh> [ACTION]nisshh to organize sessions in -classroom
[05:31:53] <firtvid20> Agree
[05:32:03] <nisshh> head_victim, good idea
[05:32:24] <head_victim> That way it's inclusive but also focussed for local users.
[05:32:32] <nisshh> jfer, i was going to do them, but i thought about maybe having a group of people who volunteer
[05:32:56] <nisshh> and we rotate and take turns depending on what the session is about
[05:33:09] <nisshh> ok
[05:33:17] <nisshh> anyone got anything else to add about that?
[05:33:22] <head_victim> nisshh: set up a wiki with a possible schedule of topics and send it to the list for feedback.
[05:33:41] <darkrose> +1
[05:33:44] <nisshh> head_victim, yeah, ill do that right after the meeting
[05:33:45] <MoLE_> then we can all put our 2c worth in
[05:33:56] <jfer> so are we going to aim this at both users and developers?
[05:34:04] <MoLE_> I hope so
[05:34:14] <nisshh> jfer, sure, i think a mix of both would be good
[05:34:17] <firtvid20> jfer: I'm guessing so
[05:34:22] <head_victim> jfer: I'd say so, I guess it depends on what people volunteer to do and what people want to attend
[05:34:29] <nisshh> yeah
[05:34:37] <nisshh> anything else then?
[05:34:54] <head_victim> Nope, next?
[05:35:01] <nisshh> ok
[05:35:15] <nisshh> MoLE_, your up next about localized material
[05:35:50] <MoLE_> Welp, back in the dim dark past, I had a crazy idea about adapting some of the spreadubuntu materials for the ubuntu-au LoCo.
[05:35:55] <game2> nisshh, localised ;)
[05:36:14] <nisshh> game2, thanks (grammar nazi :))
[05:36:37] * game2 puts dictionary away again
[05:36:42] <nisshh> lol
[05:37:12] <MoLE_> So with head_victim's help I have adapted a poster which darkrose kindly agreed to host temporarily. I have finally completed the end product and emailed copies to head_victim and blahdeblah for final comments and hopefully posting on the website.
[05:37:14] <nisshh> MoLE_, keep going, im just checking on dinner
[05:37:32] <blahdeblah> MoLE_: Sorry about that - i can put it up now
[05:37:47] <MoLE_> Once we have a link up, I can post to the mailing list the URL.
[05:38:29] <MoLE_> As part of this idea, head_victim and I were tossing around the idea of providing a 'mail out' service of materials similar to what is happening with the local CD service.
[05:38:37] <head_victim> MoLE_: to this end I noticed today in the Ubuntu Newsletter that is finally up.
[05:38:58] <MoLE_> magnificent
[05:39:21] <MoLE_> is the one I have adapted with head_victim's help
[05:39:47] <nisshh> oh, so NOW mootbot recieves the link :)
[05:39:51] <firtvid20> lol
[05:40:11] <firtvid20> And now Chrome opens up
[05:40:32] <head_victim> I think it has to be the start of the line
[05:40:40] <nisshh> yeah
[05:40:42] <nisshh> anyway
[05:40:48] <MoLE_> I'd love some ideas on which other posters could be adapted for ubuntu-au use and whether there would be any interest in the mailout service?
[05:40:54] <nisshh> MoLE_, looks good
[05:41:14] <MoLE_> I'm a bit more confident with scribus now and am willing to do some more work on this, time permitting.
[05:41:21] <head_victim> There used to be a free sticker mail out so I'll ping elky to see if we can revive this to include stuff like that
[05:41:28] <firtvid20> MoLE_: So we can put them on telegraph poles now
[05:41:37] <MoLE_> firtvid20, if you so desire....
[05:41:37] <blahdeblah> I'd really like to see some style & grammar cleanups in that doco
[05:41:50] <head_victim> firtvid20: I'd suggest places that are designed for posting of things like that.
[05:41:52] <firtvid20> Change the link from the uk site to au
[05:42:02] <head_victim> firtvid20: that's what we've done.
[05:42:26] <darkrose> was the changed copies MoLE_ sent me
[05:42:27] <MoLE_> I'm happy to crowdsource appropriate grammar and style suggestions
[05:42:56] <MoLE_> and incorporate them
[05:43:04] * game2 reaches for dictionary again
[05:43:09] <nisshh> sounds good
[05:43:28] <nisshh> MoLE_, you could post to the mailing list too
[05:43:49] <MoLE_> happy to do that nisshh, as long as I don't offend anyone again :)
[05:43:55] <firtvid20> darkrose: Cool
[05:44:05] <nisshh> MoLE_, yeah
[05:44:34] <game2> +1
[05:45:08] <nisshh> anything else about what MoLE_ is doing then?
[05:45:37] <MoLE_> I'm looking for suggestions for material to adapt basically. I'm not a designer.
[05:45:58] <jfer> i would recommend uploading the changed versions to
[05:46:16] <MoLE_> jfer of course
[05:46:17] <nisshh> +1 jfer
[05:46:35] <jfer> ok just thought i would be sure you are going to do that
[05:46:51] <nisshh> ok, shall we move on?
[05:46:56] <head_victim> Sounds good
[05:47:02] <MoLE_> 'twould be nice to have a collection of material we can all use that we actually want to use
[05:47:10] <darkrose> indeed
[05:47:12] <nisshh> heh, yeah
[05:47:16] <head_victim> MoLE_: yeah would make it easier for everyone.
[05:47:24] <head_victim> MoLE_: would a wiki page with links be useful?
[05:47:30] <nisshh> [TOPIC]LCA 2011
[05:47:34] <nisshh> head_victim, yours again
[05:47:42] <head_victim>
[05:47:57] <head_victim> Ok I was hoping it would Link that
[05:48:01] * nisshh slaps mootbot
[05:48:19] <nisshh> [LINK]
[05:48:29] <nisshh> i have to do its job for it :)
[05:48:35] <head_victim> But yes, I will be going and was wondering if anyone else was. The goal here would be to have a booth at the open day and possibly some sort of other Ubuntu-AU social gathering.
[05:48:58] <head_victim> It's not often we have lots of us all in the one city so I thought it would be good to make use of it.
[05:49:06] <nisshh> ... with IRC displayed in a giant screen
[05:49:17] <nisshh> on*
[05:49:18] <blahdeblah> MoLE_: How do you want this uploaded? Do you want the PDFs downloadable separately from the source tarball?
[05:49:38] <head_victim> I was thinking we might be able to make a plea to canonical for a conference pack of schwag despite being currently not approved if we can get enough people wanting to help out with the open day
[05:49:48] <MoLE_> blahdeblah, sounds good to have separate. I just wrapped them in the same tarball for convenience.
[05:50:29] <MoLE_> If I can't get there I'd be happy to donate some schwag
[05:50:31] <nisshh> head_victim, a good idea
[05:50:35] <MoLE_> to give out
[05:50:57] <nisshh> so, who else is going to LCA in brisbane?
[05:51:06] <jfer> i will be
[05:51:14] <nisshh> right
[05:51:21] <blahdeblah> MoLE_: OK - will put them as separate downloads from the tarball
[05:51:29] <head_victim> The problem is timing, we'd have to organise this well in advance and time for that is running out. We currenlty only have 4 people interested in the idea on the wiki and I don't think that will convince anyone of anything.
[05:51:29] <nisshh> darkrose, are you going to LCA?
[05:51:31] <jfer> i was talking to head_victim about it earlier
[05:51:32] <blahdeblah> nisshh: I'll be going
[05:51:36] <nisshh> cool
[05:51:50] <firtvid20> I'd like to go, but I'm in Sydney
[05:52:02] <jfer> there is a section in the table for those attending now
[05:52:18] <nisshh> yeah
[05:52:28] <nisshh> i would go if i lived closer :)
[05:53:11] <head_victim> So again, events like this will definitely help in re-approval and also in improving membership numbers.
[05:53:27] <darkrose> nisshh: dunno, too far away (time wise) for me to be thinking about it
[05:53:32] <nisshh> head_victim, problem is, we dont have anything else as major as LCA :(
[05:53:45] <nisshh> darkrose, fair enough
[05:54:09] <head_victim> nisshh: no but there are lots of university open days, local conferences, etc that could all do with our presence.
[05:54:14] <jfer> but i am sure from the knowledge we gain there we can run sessions for the broader ubuntu-au community
[05:54:38] <head_victim> Ubuntu-AU is not just about user support but should also focus heavily on community engagement.
[05:54:40] <MoLE_> Brisbane does seem to have the highest concentration of members
[05:54:48] <nisshh> yeah
[05:55:04] <jfer> i seem to be the only member in my region
[05:55:13] <nisshh> jfer, same with me
[05:55:16] <firtvid20> jfer: Which one?
[05:55:31] <jfer> Sunshine Coast
[05:55:33] <nisshh> jfer, i appear to be the only active member in the whole of WA :(
[05:56:06] <nisshh> ok, anything else before we wrap up?
[05:56:13] <head_victim> Ok so back on topic. I'll email the list again in a call for volunteers but unless we get more people signing up I'm not certain we can achieve a presence at the open day.
[05:56:20] <blahdeblah> MoLE_: Do you have any promotional text written for these brochures?
[05:56:40] <MoLE_> blahdeblah, not as yet, but I can probably come up with some.
[05:56:42] <blahdeblah> head_victim: Where & when is the promotional day?
[05:57:13] <jfer> [LINK]
[05:57:22] <head_victim> Just beat me to it
[05:57:29] * MoLE_ suspect mootbot doesn't like https links
[05:57:43] <firtvid20> MoLE_: LOL
[05:57:45] <jfer> i used the link command
[05:57:51] <head_victim> But yes, it's held on the Saturday immediately following th econference
[05:57:59] <MoLE_> jfer, I noticed
[05:58:15] <jfer> i don't know if i will still be around for open day yet
[05:58:39] <nisshh> ok
[05:58:42] <nisshh> anything else?
[05:58:47] <blahdeblah> Uploading the brochure now, MoLE_
[05:58:54] <MoLE_> thx blahdeblah
[05:59:01] <blahdeblah> Upload seems slow...
[05:59:03] <head_victim> nisshh: looks like it's right on time for the hour. I think I've covered what I needed.
[05:59:04] <nisshh> ill take that as a no
[05:59:11] <nisshh> head_victim, ok, cool
[05:59:17] <MoLE_> thank you for chairing nisshh
[05:59:19] <nisshh> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.