Meeting started by pleia2 at 15:01
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15:03:49 Topic: Clarify the purpose of the ubuntu-women channel
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15:13:54 ACTION pleia2 akgraner will be updating IrcPurpose with outline of options for purpose
15:14:27 ACTION pleia2 Channel purpose discussion to continue on list, formal decision deferred
15:17:33 Topic: Vote on replacing current UW wiki home page with /NewHome
15:19:49 VOTE Replacing current UW wiki home page with /NewHome
15:21:14 VOTE RESULT 12 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 12
15:22:05 Topic: Discussion of tracking proportion of female Ubuntu Members
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15:40:23 ACTION pleia2 elky to add link to main wiki
15:45:45 Topic: UW members will encourage women to apply to become Ubuntu Members, help women navigate the formal Ubuntu Member application process, and provide feedback and testimonials as appropriate.
15:47:47 Topic: Conclusion
15:51:11 Topic: Goal - 50% women on Ubuntu Members roster
15:57:11 ACTION pleia2 Percentage goal decision to be discussed further
15:57:30 Topic: Conclusion (for real this time)
15:58:49 ACTION pleia2 akgraner to create doodle poll for our next meeting in 2 weeks
16:03:03 ACTION pleia2 pleia2 will drop an email to the list now saying tomorrow is the last day before we send the list to the CC
Meeting ended at 16:04.

People Present:
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  4. akgraner
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  6. Pendulum
  7. freesitebuilder
  8. AlanBell
  9. JanC
  10. MarkDude366MHz
  11. Seeker`
  12. jono
  13. afigueir1s
  14. elky
  15. maco
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  17. keakulani
  18. ubottu
  19. popey
  20. dragon
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