Meeting started by godbyk at 15:10
15:10:46 Topic: Discuss turning the 'project leader' role into a marketing and recuiting team role.
15:28:12 ACTION godbyk MichaelH and jasono will work together on a newly formed marketing/recruitment team to promote the Ubuntu Manual Project and help recruit new team members.
15:28:30 Topic: Editor in chief
16:02:39 Topic: Elect an editor in chief
16:30:57 Topic: Maverick release
16:49:58 Topic: Any Other Business
Meeting ended at 16:53.

People Present:
  1. godbyk
  2. MichealH
  3. c7p1
  4. beginer
  5. Teotw
  6. popey
  7. hannie
  8. shrini
  9. jasono
  10. rickfosb
  11. komsas