Meeting started by sagaci at 05:01
05:06:22 Topic: Team Maintenance -- Jared Norris
05:14:10 Topic: Social Media accounts -- Joel Addison
05:19:08 ACTION sagaci jaddi27 to set up events on the Facebook page
05:26:08 IDEA head_victim jaddi27 to research the idea of a facebook group/fan/account and provide suggestion to mailing list with pros and cons of each
05:28:15 ACTION sagaci head_victim to set up twitter and accounts for ubuntu-au
05:29:42 Topic: Australian LoCo Re-Approval Application - Benny
05:30:12 LINK head_victim
05:43:40 IDEA head_victim allow input to approval page for 2 weeks on the mailing list then submit for reapproval
05:45:54 Topic: Translations -- Joel Pickett
05:50:25 IDEA sagaci integrated a translation day/effort in conjunction with the ubuntu global jam (oneiric cycle)
05:51:21 LINK head_victim
05:56:15 Topic: Software Freedom Day -- Jared Norris
05:56:56 LINK head_victim
06:02:06 Topic: Promotion - Benny
06:10:22 Topic: Six Months of Rocking (-au version) -- Joel Pickett
06:14:20 LINK jaddi27
06:15:53 ACTION sagaci sagaci to send out email to the mailing list regarding "six months of rocking ubuntu" to encourage people to help out
Meeting ended at 06:17.

People Present:
  1. sagaci
  2. head_victim
  3. benonsoftware
  4. tom_a_sparks
  5. somethinginteres
  6. jaddi27
  7. dns-streak
  8. lubotu2
  9. bradm