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05:05:20 Topic: Update on RTs
05:07:58 LINK head_victim
05:09:27 ACTION head_victim head_victim to email the list to confirm all changes made recently are now correct and no further modifications necessary.
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05:16:15 ACTION head_victim head_victim to email the list with any further updates
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05:22:42 Topic:
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05:30:59 ACTION head_victim head_victim to email the list details of loco.u.c meeting information as a test for next month
05:34:36 IDEA head_victim jaddi27 to log a bug against loco.u.c about the calendaring issue and let the mailing list know how it goes
05:36:57 Topic: Any suggestions for promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc) for the Natty release?
05:38:37 LINK head_victim is always a great place to start looking for promotional material though if you didn't know it existed
05:44:22 LINK head_victim is where I have put up a few things in the past.
05:46:49 Topic: Natty Narwhal Release Parties
05:54:53 LINK head_victim I have just copied the previous one so we have a place
Meeting ended at 06:10.

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