Meeting started by nisshh at 04:02
04:03:27 Topic: Ubuntu-AU Team Forum
04:03:34 LINK head_victim
04:06:00 IDEA head_victim head_victim to set up the
04:06:36 IDEA head_victim ikt and phlosten agreed to be moderators for loco forum
04:07:33 Topic: Ubuntu Global Jam
04:08:55 LINK head_victim
04:13:38 IDEA head_victim head_victim to organise a translation session Saturday afternoon to line up with the Ubuntu Global Jam
04:22:01 Topic: Natty Narwhal Release Parties
04:35:13 Topic: Loco.Ubuntu.Com
04:40:50 LINK jaddi27
04:44:56 IDEA head_victim head_victim to email the list with details on updates to the site
Meeting ended at 04:46.

People Present:
  1. nisshh
  2. MoLE_
  3. tom_a_sparks
  4. iflema
  5. sagaci
  6. head_victim
  7. dns53
  8. jaddi27
  9. gorilla